Satellite Information​


This is to inform all viewers of MTA-2 that MTA-2 international from 1st of February 2018 will be migrated to HD. There will be no change in the satellite downlink frequency, however, viewers would require an MPEG-4 HD satellite receiver and HD compatible LNB. For further information, viewers can visit our website or email us at

MTA HD on Eutelsat E70B

Important information for viewers of Eutelsat E70B in Asia. This is t inform all viewers that MTA International is currently broadcasting HD channel on Eutelsat E70B for all our viewers in Eastern Europe , Middle East and Asia. On the following satellite parameters.

Satellite: Eutelsat E70B @70.5 Degree East

Downlink Frequency: 11.222, DVB-S2, KU BAND

Symbol Rate: 12.000 

FEC: 2/3

Minimum Antenna receive size : 60-70cm for Asia 90cm for Middle East and Eastern Europe