As the sun starts to set and the temperature drops, crowds of Jalsa attendees head towards the car park, lost in their own thoughts, their hearts heavy. A low hum of disbelief echoes around Hadeeqatul Mahdi:

“How is Jalsa over already?”
“Those were the fastest three days ever!”
“I don’t want to wait another year to come back here!”

We cannot help to share the sentiments of our Ahmadi brothers and sisters, and the famous saying runs true: “time flies when you’re having fun.”


By Kholood Tahir

Earlier today, JalsaConnect entered the Nazima tent which was overflowing with guests and Sadr sahiba’s trusted team. We pulled aside the Lajna General Secretary, Mrs Talat Saqi, to ask her a few questions:

JalsaConnect (JC): Assalamo Ailakum, can we steal you away for a few minutes?

Mrs Saqi (TS): Walaikumsalam. Yes of course, though I will need to run back shortly.

JC: We can see how busy it is in this marquee! Jalsa is coming to an end soon, how do you feel?

A collection of personal experiences of Ba'ait from Jalsa attendees:

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35000 people, 1 venue, That's not easy. In fact, in my school, in a class of 30 people, there is still unrest. Yet 35000 people,1 venue, and complete peace.

I think that's one of the most beautiful things about the Jalsa. The brotherhood. The fact that the borders that divide us in modern day society do not exist here.

Be it your race, age,socioeconomic status, it's irrelevant. We are all equal. Brothers. Gathered for the same purpose;worship of Allah.

By Mehpara Khan

If you remember a time before the internet you probably remember that back in the day watching Jalsa in real time was simply inconceivable. These days, thanks to the blessings of MTA, connecting to Jalsa is as easy as tapping an icon, double clicking on a browser or simply turning your TV on, no matter where in the world you live. But it wasn't always so simple. Below are a few ways international Ahmadies used to get the blessings of Jalsa before MTA and the internet made it easy.

Newspapers and periodicals:

By Alia Selby 

An overview of Ba'ait, the history and religious importance

Earlier, JalsaConnect noticed a rather splendid-looking chap sat on the sofa. Upon closer inspection of his badge, JalsaConnect saw it was Dr Ghani Enahoro, the Naib Amir of Nigeria!  JalsaConnect asked permission – which was granted with a beaming smile – to sit down for a little chat.


JalsaConnect: Assalamu Alaikum Naib Amir Sahib.

Dr Enahoro: Wa Alaikumussalam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.

JC: How are you today?

DE: Alhamdulillah.

JC: How has your experience of the Jalsa been so far?

Hazrat Abu Malik Al-Ash’ari narrates that they Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: ‘Cleanliness is half of faith...’ (Sahih Muslim)

The Jalsa Hygiene guys are the true Jalsa heroes. They’re out all hours, cleaning our toilets, emptying bins, removing black bags and clearing up litter. Imagine how much of a mess Jalsa Salana would be without them!


JalsaConnect still hadn’t had lunch, and by this point was quite hungry. But then JalsaConnect met Omarov Sahib, local Sadr of his Jamaat in Kazakhstan, who was very friendly! JalsaConnect decided lunch could wait for a bit, and sat down for a chat.


Name: Askar Omarov

Age: 34

Country: Kazakhstan


JalsaConnect: Assalamu Alaikum.

Askar Omarov: Wa Alaikumussalam Wa Rahmatullah.

JC: Can you tell us how your experience of Jalsa has been so far?

JalsaConnect saw a young-looking fellow, and, after talking to plenty of elders, decided to bring some youth to proceedings and had a chat with Junaid...


Name: Junaid Bakr

Age: 23

Country: USA


JalsaConnect: Assalamu Alaikum brother.

Junaid Bakr: Wa Alaikumussalam.

JC : How has your Jalsa been so far?

JB: It’s been good. I actually was at the US Jalsa right before coming to this Jalsa, so I can kinda see the differences and similarities between the two; it’s been interesting and fun.

JalsaConnect saw Ronaldo Sahib, sitting on his own and looking like he was in deep thought. Curious as always and eager to know what he was thinking, JalsaConnect nosily went over to ask him some questions...


Name: Ronaldo Cochez

Age: 59

Country: Panama


JalsaConnect: Good morning.

Ronaldo Cochez: Good morning.

JC: How are you today?

RC: Very good, thanks.

JC: Can you tell us – how’s your Jalsa been so far?

Hashir and Usman Ahmad


By Mansura B. Minhas

Hassan, who will not be attending Jalsa UK this year, posted the following on twitter:

By Qasim Rashid
10. The amazing miracle of transporting 35,000 people to the middle of nowhere and not leaving a single person behind.