Join us for the 2nd season of Face2Face where we select 25 Khuddam from around the world to compete in giving the best possible answer to the given scenario and question.


"Face2Face" will be broadcast LIVE every Sunday and will run for 8 weeks starting from 11 November 2018. In the first five shows we will see 25 Khuddam from around the world compete in what will be qualifying rounds. From the five qualiying rounds, 10 Khuddam will qualify to the Semi-Finals (2 from each show). In the final show, the 4 remaining Khuddam will compete for first place. Every show, Khuddam will be given an entirely new scenario and question that they must answer. Each scenario will determine their target audience and will make it easier for them to select arguments. There will be 3 judges in the studio who will not only judge entries but give advice on how to further improve. The purpose behind this competition is not only to give the Khuddam a platform to speak, but also as a means of educating everyone in regards to the Ahmadiyya ‘Ilm-ul-Kalaam (argumentation) and streamlining the Ahmadiyya response to contemporary issues.

Questions that you may have

Please include your name, contact number, qiadat, country and email address

Entries will be judged on 1. Delivery 2. Argumentation 3. Conviction

Contestants must speak to the lens of the camera as if speaking to someone

Paper reading is not permitted

A collective total of thirty seconds only can be used for quoting references, if so required

Please try to record your videos in Medium Close-Up (MCU), as shown in the picture. Also, the background should be plain, with no people, photographs and sharp lights in the background

Entries should be in the style of conversation and not conventional speeches. (So, just like how anyone would answer a question.)

Contestants should be dressed presentably and in line with the Jama’at traditions

The recording should be in one take, without any cuts or edits. The video file should be raw without any effects.


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