Faith Matters 167

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11/02/2015 - 12:00am
MTA International

Faith Matters 167


Shazad Ahmad


Jahangeer Khan (In-charge Central French Desk UK)
Qaasid Moin (Ahmadiyya Missionary UK)


[01:43] Can you have a conversation with or recall the soul of a dead person
[08:59] Concept of bribery and what constitute as a gift
[13:14] Need and significance of memorizing the Qur’an these days
[18:53] Why has the Almighty revealed verses whose meanings are vague or unclear
[21:21] What was the need that made Allah create man
[24:50] What is the logic behind Tayammum
[29:15] Why are daytime prayers offered silently and the night time prayers offered audibly
[32:49] The Concept of oaths and vows. Is it right to say if Allah helps me I will do such and such a deed
[37:50] The prophesy about the "jalaali" messiah
[40:53] Is hopelessness a sin? Since there is no hope for somethings, like coming back to life after death
[44:53] Why is "shirk" been declared as a heinous sin which will not be forgiven in any case

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