Divine Foundation of Jama'at Ahmadyya and Jalsa Salana

26/12/2014 - 12:00am
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After tashahhud, ta’awwuz and recitation of Sura Al-Fatiha, Huzur Aqdas (may Allah strengthen him with His Mighty Help) said: Jalsa Salana has started in Qadian today and similarly in some other countries also.   There was a time when Jalsa Salana used to be held only in Qadian, India.  Then after partition, Jalsa Salana started taking place also in Pakistan.  But after a time the remembrance of Allah and His Messenger, the Holy Prophet of Islam, by the members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, became unbearable for the Pakistan government and this was stopped by law. In this way they thought they had succeeded in depriving hundreds of thousands of Ahmadis from remembering Allah and His Messenger. But the opponents of Ahmadiyyat do not realize that while these restrictions can impose restrictions on the physical body they cannot have any impact on the hearts. All the physical pain and losses thus imposed cannot take the love of God and His Messenger from our hearts.  These, our opponents are, strangely enough, those who claim to be the proponents of the same Kalima that we believe in ...instead of being happy to see that every single one of us, and even our children, are attached to the same Kalima they believe in and all of us are prepared to offer every sacrifice for its upholding they still try to stop us from saying this Kalima by all allowed and disallowed means possible. Every fair-minded person will call the opposition of all our opponents not just the opposition to Ahmadiyyat but will call it opposition to Islam. In any case the month of December is for the Ahmadis of Pakistan a very emotional time by virtue of the fact that this is the month for the holding of the Jalsa.  May their emotions be accepted by God in such a way that every opposition and difficulty is removed so the ahmadis of Pakistan may also benefit from those blessings that the world of Ahmadiyyat is benefitting these days. The opponents, supported by governments, thought that by placing restrictions on the Ahmadis they would stop our progress but what happened is that today these Jalsas are taking place in many countries and during the year they take place in all the countries where the Jama’at is established.  That is to say this institution started by the Promised Messiah (as) has now acquired a global status. Even non-Ahmadi Muslim and also non-Muslim leaders of all backgrounds say that these Jalsas make the world aware of the beautiful teachings of Islam. The world is learning about the teachings of true Islam from Ahmadiyyat. This was destined to happen as the Promised Messiah (as) had himself said that do not think this Jalsa to be some ordinary kind of gathering - this is the Jalsa through which the name of Islam will be elevated in the world.  Human efforts alone will not suffice, the Help of Allah will also manifest itself and bring about the results. The Promised Messiah (as) explained further that the foundation stone of this movement has been put in place by the Hand of God Himself and He has prepared nations who will soon come and join them because this is the work of that All-Powerful One for Whom nothing is impossible. The time is near when nothing will remain in this faith of those who worship nature and hold on to superstitions and do not believe in the miraculous powers of God and of those who make all kinds of worthless things a part of the faith and God Almighty will establish for this Umma the middle path.  That same path which the Quran brought.  That same path which the Holy Prophet taught to his Companions (may Allah be pleased with them). That same path which the Siddiq [Truthful ones], Sulaha [Righteous ones] and Shaheed [Martyrs] were blessed to have found and followed.  This is what will happen.  Indeed this is what will come to pass.  He who has ears let him listen.  Blessed are the ones to whom the straight path is disclosed. This Jasl

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