Roundup - 26 December 2021

26/12/2021 - 12:00am
MTA International

In this episode we learn more about Electric cars and its future. We head over to Kababir to find out by Christmas and also to Indonesia to learn about their form of martial arts. Finally, we head over to Mauritius to take a look at highlights from Lajna competition day! Plus, contributions from you from all over the world!

A brand new show aimed at our younger viewers highlighting the latest news and in depth reports on important issues. A programme for the youth - presented by the youth!


0:00 - Introduction.
0:22 - Headlines.
2:25 - Current Affairs - Electric Cars!
5:37 - Friday Sermon Summary 24 December 2021.
9:46 - In Focus - Christmas (Kababir).
13:07 - In Focus - Pencat Silat, Marital Arts (Indonesia).
16:23 - Your Views!
17:39 - Around the World - Lajna Mauritius Competition Day.
20:27 - Outro.

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