Question And Answer Session Part 1 - 29th January 1995

29/01/1995 - 12:00am
MTA International

Part 1 of a question and answer session with Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul-Masih IV (ra) and English speaking guests. Recorded on January 29, 1995. 

1) What miracles Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib has shown in similarity to Jesus Christ. 00:35 

2) How could western women adjust to the provision of Islam allowing four wives to one person? 12:10 

3) There are many religion in the world, every religion saying come to us we are the true religion, all religion call them self good, Is there only one path or many paths to reach God, however i want know God, there is something with in me that desire know God, can you kindly tell how i will find my God? 23:00 

4) In a book '100 years of History of Palestine', on the planet 12 fresh water wells are mentioned, there is one in Mecca, it is believed one in Isle of Wight, what is your opinion and do you know the story of 12 wells? 32:42 

5) What is your opinion regarding the issue of mustering the religious forces to do their duty to man together with mutual cooperation ? 37:50 

6) What is found in Islam particularly in Ahmadiyyat which is not found in other religions. What do they lack of. 45:30 

7) As its been said that God is all forgiving so if the Non believers are doing good works then how will they be treated on the day of Judgement. When it is said that who ever is enemy of God then God will be enemy of those disbeliever and there will be humiliating punishment for disbelievers and disbeliever will put in the fire, can you please explain that he is all forgiving and he is enemy and he gives punishment? 57:25 

8) In Christianity a great importance is given to the term 'Holy Spirit’ and low of Christianity based on 10 commandments so what is the low to follow Islam can you kindly Please explain this. 01:07:30

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