Question And Answer Session Part 2 - 9th July 1995

09/07/1995 - 12:00am
MTA International

Part 2 of a question and answer session with Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul-Masih IV (ra) and English speaking guests. Recorded on July 9, 1995. 


1)Is Promised Messiah really son of Mary, has he got any blood relation with her and will Imam Mahdi be a ruler or a Prophet who is supposed to come after Dajjal? 00:50 

2)Muslim ladies do a lot of make up and are not properly covered. Why contrary to Quranic instructions. 29:30 

3)You have quoted that in the Bible, Jesus made a statement in respect of Messiah, which book of the Bible contains this statement. 40:10

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