Friday Sermon - 26th June 2020

26/06/2020 - 1:00pm
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Huzoor-e-Anwar (aba) continued the account of Hazrat ‘Abd ar-Rahman bin Awf (ra) from the previous sermon. Hazrat ‘Abd ar-Rahman bin Awf (ra) had old ties of friendship with Umayya bin Khalf. It is recorded in Bukhari that Hazrat ‘Abd ar-Rahman bin Awf (ra) wrote to Umayya asking him to protect his property and wealth and Makkah, and that he would do the same for him in Madinah, and signed it off as ‘Abd ar-Rahman. To this, Umayya said that he was not aware of an ‘Abd ar-Rahman, so he asked him to sign it as ‘Abd Amr, which he did at the time, but they both agreed upon the name ‘Abd Allah eventually. 

Hazrat Bilal (ra) saw Umayya at the battle of Badr. He announced that if he gets the chance then he would not let him live as he had put Hazrat Bilal (ra) through various hardships. Hazrat ‘Abd ar-Rahman bin Awf (ra) wanted to protect Umayya, but the Muslims caught up with them and managed to kill Umayya, whilst Hazrat ‘Abd ar-Rahman bin Awf (ra) tried to protect him (due to old ties of friendship).

Hazrat ‘Abd ar-Rahman bin Awf (ra) took part in the battle of Uhud. When some Muslims mistakenly left the Holy Prophet (sa) open to enemies, he was one of the few who remained by the side of the Holy Prophet (sa). Additionally, he valiantly took part in many Ghazawat and Sariyyah, by the command of the Holy Prophet (sa) and his Khulafa after him. 

Hazrat ‘Abd ar-Rahman bin Awf (ra) had the honour of being one of the very few people to lead the Holy Prophet (sa) in Salat. He was already leading a congregation in prayer, and the Holy Prophet (sa) joined that congregation a bit later. After Hazrat ‘Abd ar-Rahman bin Awf (ra) finished the prayer and saw Huzoor (sa) completing his prayer behind him, the Muslims present became anxious and recited tasbeeh in abundance. However, the Holy Prophet (sa) stated that there was nothing to worry about because every Prophet prays behind a pious man from his Ummah.  

The Holy Prophet (sa) stated regarding Hazrat ‘Abd ar-Rahman bin Awf (ra) that he was the leader of the leaders of the Muslims, and that he was Amin in heaven and on earth. He was a very God-fearing person, and was counted amongst the Ashra Mubashrah. 

He was the companion who narrated that the Holy Prophet (sa) said that if plague has broken out then one shouldn’t leave that place, and if one is not in that place then they shouldn’t go there. This is what we are seeing in the current situation, but the Holy Prophet (sa) already instructed his followers to do so all those years ago. 

Hazrat ‘Abd ar-Rahman bin Awf (ra) was amongst those 6 with whom the Holy Prophet (sa) was pleased with at the time of his passing away. These were the 6 companions who were appointed as the Ahl-e-Shura by Hazrat Umar (ra) to elect the next Khalifa after his passing. On behalf of the Ahl-e-Shura and after consulting with every household in Madinah, Hazrat ‘Abd ar-Rahman bin Awf (ra) appointed Hazrat Uthman (ra) as the third Khalifa. 

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