Gulshan-e-Waqfe Nau Lajna - Mauritius - 20th December 2020

09/01/2021 - 7:45pm
MTA International

An educational programme with the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (may Allah be his Helper) and Waqfe Nau Nasirat & Lajna of Mauritius. Recorded on December 20, 2020. 

Q1: Our missionaries gain incomparable amount of knowledge in Jamia Ahmadiyya. How can an Ahmadi girl gain such knowledge? 

Q2: Once I had a discussion with a friend about how Allah has not created anything without a benefit. My friend asked then why creatures like lizards and cockroaches created? 

Q3: How can we make Allah happy and how can we know if Allah is pleased with our deeds or not? 

Q4: Huzoor when our parents reprimand us, we think why has Allah created this world and how can He let these things happen, how can we stop these thoughts? 

Q5: If we forget a prayer during prostration, can we ask that prayer after finishing our namaz? 

Q6: How does Nusrat Jahan Scheme work? 

Q7: Ahmadi girls wear scarf when leaving home but takes it off after reaching school. 

Q8: Our school puts our pictures on social media without our permission, what can we do? 

Q9: How can we tell if a dream is from Allah or a result of our thoughts? 

Q10: Those who die after drowning in water are martyrs. Why is that and is it for everyone who dies after drowning? 

Q 11: Drugs are sold at a large scale in schools, how can we save Ahmadi children from it and is it possible to have Jamat schools? 

Q12: How can we restore our spiritual elevation? 

Q13: Holy Prophet(saw) was sent for whole of mankind, but how are people on other planets benefitting from him? 

Q14: I am learning violin at school and it is compulsory. My teacher asks me to buy it and practice at home. What is Huzoor's advice about this? 

Q15: Some Waqfaate Nau do not respond. What can be done in this regard? 

Q16: How can we ask Waqfaate Nau girls to observe purda and how can we ask them not to post their pictures on social media?

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