This Week With Huzoor – 20 November 2020

20/11/2020 - 8:15pm
MTA International

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad presides over Mulaqats with Lajna National Amla Bangladesh and Missionaries in Germany. 


01:05​ The importance of upholding purdah. 


02:40​ Training for Nasirat


03:20​ Does Huzoor take personal weekly holidays?


03:30​ The conditions when Huzoor served in Ghana, Africa


05:00​ How should we arrange the marriages of Ahmadis?


07:30​ A message for Lajna Bangladesh


09:15​ How to become a helper of Khalifa-e-Waqat


12:00​ How to wake up for Tahujjud prayers in the summer


14:05​ How to draw Ahmadi youth closer to the Jamaat


17:30​ How to properly guide converts


23:45​ Huzoor continues his series on the companions during the Friday Sermon.

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