Gulshan-e-Waqfe Nau Khuddam Atfal France - 7th October 2019

22/03/2020 - 12:00am
MTA International

An educational class with Khuddam and Atfal members of the Waqfe Nau scheme and Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (may Allah be his Helper). Recorded on October 7, 2019 in Saint-Prix, France. Speech: Scientific dialogue about Rhadomyolysis Speech: Famous mountain range of France Q1: What would you be if you were not Khalifa? Q2: How did you find Jalsa Salana France? Q3: Paradise lies under the feet of Muslim mothers, is that the same with non-Muslim mothers? Q4: How many countries have you visited? Q5: Huzoor I am fifteen years old, can I go to Jamia next year? Q6: Which meat is your favorite? Q7: How do we qualify to be your body guard? Q8: Which is your favorite sport?

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