Liqa Maal Arab 13th July 1995

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13/07/1995 - 12:00am
MTA International

Liqaa Ma’al Arab 63 Huzur was asked to speak with reference to a Hadith of the Holy Prophet(saw). Huzur begins by referring to the terminology used in the Holy Qur’an as to aid the understanding of this Hadith. The Holy Prophet(saw) used the same terminology as in the Holy Qur’an, that is metaphorical. Huzur explains that mullahs take things too literally; a verse of the Holy Qur’an is referred to where it is written that the Jews have gone so much astray that they have earnt the wrath of Allah and Allah said that they should be the monkeys of society and remain one step down from the rest. Huzur says that some mullahs take this literally and believe that some Jews became monkeys and were locked up, but the city was protected by Allah to stop people entering. The Holy Prophet(saw) predicted that this scenario would repeat itself, the Muslims will be split and they people will be worried. The Holy Prophet(saw) was told by God that his umra would become like the umra of Hadhrat Muses(as), they would be dived into 73 sects and will be similar like two shoes of a pair. The Holy Qur’an also says that here is a prophet who is like Hadhrat Muses(as), it was said by before that God would raise a great prophet from his brothers, and so it would be logical that if the prophet is from Hadhrat Muses(as( brother then the umra would be similar. Huzur is stating weather the previous Hadith was to be taken literally; Huzur gives reference to the misery which is now surrounding the world of Islam, so many wars, for example in Kashmir, Bosnia and also within Pakistan, but it is the mullahs who say that this is nothing compared to what will happen in the future, Huzur says that how worse can it get? They speak of the Ahmadis but they themselves are surrounded by so much misery. The mullahs can say that previously the Hadith happened when the Jews turned into monkeys and died, no one saw these Jews but they say that this is because Allah guarded the city from anyone entering, and so no one can dispute weather or not this happened. Huzur says that in the Holy Qur’an townships that have earnt the wrath of Allah have been mentioned, and these people are still buried in place as a sign of the wrath of Allah. It is no where written that if a township were to be dug up that monkeys would be found in place of the humans, Huzur says that if the mullahs are right that these verse and Ahadith should be taken literally then one day when they leave there homes they should one day see swine and monkeys everywhere. Huzur says that what this Hadith actually means is, according to the evolutionists monkeys were here before the creation of man and so monkeys were then the lowest state of man. The reference used thus refers to this state of man when they behaved like moneys both behaviour and style of living and it is this period which is referred to in the Hadith. Of all the animals it is only the monkeys who habitually imitate man, they behave very very similar but they are not human beings and this is the point Huzur has been trying to make, the umra when this Hadith is fulfilled will speak of Allah and will be dressed up to look like Muslims but they will not have Allah in their hearts. Huzur says that swine is also mentioned because Huzur says that he himself knows that swine destroy things by nature like for example on farms. Also Huzur knows that small piglets are sometimes injected with a disease which causes it to die soon after, pigs are usually vegetarian but when their young die they eat them. Huzur says that like the Muslim of today they have Jihad amongst themselves, they eat each other and destroy each other.

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