Liqa Maal Arab 27th June 1995

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27/06/1995 - 12:00am
MTA International

Liqaa Ma’al Arab 55 Huzur previously was speaking of the fate of the mullahs, Huzur continues on this subject although he does not like to as it is not pleasant to speak of the suffering of others. Huzur says that they are speaking about this because they are speaking of the power of Allah; it is not out of arrogance that this subject and the mubala of General Zia is it again spoken about. Huzur gives two examples of two mullahs living in Europe who have always been unkind to Ahmadis. The mullah used to brag that he was the descendant of Pier who has been chosen to write Arabic and to give commentary on the Holy Qur’an. He used to corresponded with Ahmadis and declare his deep respect for the Promised Messiah(as), but when this correspondence was found out he changed and started abusing the Promised Messiah(as). Huzur then published a book regarding all of the allegations which this man shouted about, then the mullah told his followers to ask the Ahmadis that if at the command of the Promised Messiah(as) his pen started writing it self, they will say no but the mullah says that this is the greatness of the mullahs Pier. Then he chose to include himself in the mubala, after that in 1982 he went to Norway where he captured a Mosque and opened a school. The mullah said that he had issued a mubala challenge to Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad(rt) before but Huzur left Pakistan, it was this mubala which he then published his acceptance to. This mullah wrote that on behalf of all the Muslims, that whatever is collected for Muslims that the money will be spilt into three accounts. Everyone agreed to this and so two bank accounts were opened, the mullah was the sole person in charge of all accounts. It turned out that 80% of the money collected was given to his son, and this was found out but he blamed the Ahmadis. He said that both Jews and the Ahmadis must have had a hand in this. This mullah was broadcasted to all of Norway by radio, they all found out the truth about the dealings of the mullah. People became so enraged by this man that during Juma prayer they would stand up and abuse the mullah. They said that he has been abusing from the pulpit of the Holy Prophet(saw). He is a liar who makes promises and breaks promises. He also owned a flat which is rented to someone but he did not tell anyone, and so he continued to stay for free in the mosque flat. He also promised to everyone a seat in Heaven if they were to give him money, Huzur says that his hand was always in the pockets of others. The Maulvi was given the title Mullah 420, 420 was the legal act under which fraud falls under. Huzur says that this is the result of the mubala, the mullah is now unable to go to the mosque and no one knows where he lives or anything about him.

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