Question And Answer Session - 24th November 1996 (Part - 2)

24/11/1996 - 12:00am
MTA International

1)Holy Prophet (SAW) was the last Prophet and the faith of Islam was completed, where lies the necessity of a Reformer. 00:30 2)Why the Ahmadi group is attacked so much hostility by others. 13:00 3)Please describe Ahmadiyyat in detail. 16:15 4)Why is there so many sects in Islam. 34:50 5)All muslim countries are in turmoil and name of Islam is used for Political ends that if you die in war you will be considered as muslim ,What do you think about that 45:25 Q. Re. the terms Fanatics and Fundamentalism A. these are terms which have been misused to propagate against Islam. The fault does not lie with the propagandists alone, but with those who misbehave in the name of Islam. Huzoor explains what the term fundamentalist really means and recommends that they should be called medievalists. Q. Re the Islamic concept of Trinity A. Neither in Islam nor in Christianity is there any concept of Trinity, if you mean by Christianity-the religion of Christ. Jesus did not practice Trinity; it came from Paul. Paul taught the opposite of what Jesus taught. If you want to know about the real Christianity, learn about the Nazerites-the true disciples of Jesus. Q. Why do Muslims say that the four gospels aren't written by the apostles? A. Different gospels have been treated differently by the Christian authorities themselves. Previously Matthew was considered to be the original gospel. Later on researchers discovered others and Matthew was driven to 2nd or 3rd position. It is they themselves who have raised doubts, not the Muslims. The apostles themselves did not quote from Jesus but from each other. The Christian authorities have a very methodical way of researching these things and that is how Mark has become number 1 and not St. Matthew. It has nothing to do with Muslims. The Qur'ân states that Hadhrat Isa was spoken to by God through Wahi (revelation). Compilation of Bible discussed. Q. What spiritual heights can non-Muslims attain through Yoga and meditation? A. Yoga is discussed in Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge & Truth. Yoga was jointly owned by Hinduism & Buddhism and yogis claim spirituality concerning Yogic practise. I have yet to discover any spiritual link with God through Yogic practises. Q. In Bokhari, Muslim etc. 12 Imams are mentioned A. It actually refers to the 12 leaders of the tribes of Israel under Moses. The 12 Imams are linked in Islam with the Mujaddideen. The number of Mujaddideen before the Promised Messiah is twelve with him being the thirteenth. Shi'ites' beliefs confirm the advent of the Promised Messiah. Q. what is meant by the sun rising from the West? A6. If the sun literally started to rise from the West there would be no one alive to watch it due to the earth spinning in the opposite direction and everything would be thrown from the earth to space. The Holy Qur'ân tells us that the speed and distance of the moon and sun are fixed. Its connection with countries in North Africa-mainly Morocco, Algeria & Tunisia is discussed. Q. About the Irish “The Legion of Mary” A. the Christians used to refute the claim of the Qur'ân about them worshipping Mary and now the whole world can see that the Qur'ânic claim has proven to be true. Q. Why are Ahmadi women fully clothed and why do they pray separately? A. women have the advantage over men that they are more attractive. He also mentions that men are wolfish in nature and want to pursue women. it is therefore the duty of society to protect women otherwise society will go into decline as it has already done in many countries. Q. Did Jesus not die on the cross but die naturally? A. Their are 3 options in which to believe. 1 That of the Christians, whereby Jesus was crucified and died an accursed death and then to be allegedly revived and taken to that place between heaven and hell which is so full of gamma rays and x-rays that he would have died anyway. 2 the Ahmadi view where Jesus migrated to a country where he intended to go and died of old age or 3 the non-Ahmadi Muslim view that Jesus did not go on the cross at all, rather a Jew who was made to look exactly like Jesus was crucified while he rose to heaven. In order for him to reach the 4th heaven and return to earth the human race would have to wait for 40 billion light-years! Also, Anthropological studies have shown that the people of Kashmir and Afghanistan have Jewish features/characteristics.

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