Question & Answer Session - 22nd December 1996 (Part 1)

22/12/1996 - 12:00am
MTA International

1)If a man is not regularly saying five times prayers (Namaz)but he has the ability to go to Hajj, is it permissible for him to go? 00:20 2)Can you tell us why and how different races came about. 04:00 3)How did the different races develop if Muslims believe in Adam and Eve. 06:40 4)Is it possible to work together on moral issues with Rev. Moon Unification Church. 08:50 5)If Islam is a unifying force why does it divide people and religion? 13:40 6)According to my belief 'Kalima' is enough to be a Muslim. how important is it to believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Why has the Ahmadiyya Community been alienated from other Muslim Sects? 17:00 7)5th Century Saints e.g. St. Andrew and St. Patrick had revelations and vision then why was the advent of the Holy Prophet (SAW) was not revealed to them? 34:15 8)Bible mentions that Prophets committed mistakes, how can we refute these allegations. 42:10 9)Mujaddid,Prophets and Khatamun Nabiyyeen. What are your views on these. 54:20

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