Question & Answer Session - 2nd November 1996

02/11/1996 - 12:00am
MTA International

Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV holds an Question / Answer session for Khuddam Ahmadiyya Students at Mahmud Hall, London Mosque 1)(Its about my Career) Being a diplomat if you Government doing something secretly and if a journalist ask you about that you have tell him a lie , i would like you to comment on this ? 08:40 2)I have advised by certain people against certain career because of the racism for instance if you want to become barrister, i want it to know your views about this? 14:30 3)What are your views regarding trouble in Srilanka between the government and Tamil people and what solution hazoor sees to this problem? 18:00 4)Is it allowed in islam to use dead husband sperm to fertilise to conceive a child? 21:00 5)Hazrat salman as used to talk to animal what was the reason that the was given this favour? 22:22 6)Am i correct is saying that 12 shia’s aima (Imams) were innocent? 25:30 7)one non Ahmadi student joined me in the prayer In university so would i have told him that he i am an Ahmadi? 28:50 8)If an Ahmadi girl or boy are acting inappropriate manner in the university then how should we admonished them to bring them back to right path? 30:00 9)When God created Iblees(Satan) he was witnessed to God then how did he dedicate himself to Evil? 33:20 10)what type of people should we target for Tableeg? 39:50 11)what type of music we are allowed listen? 49:55 12)Pub culture is a main part of university life, even though Ahmadies are not allowed to drink Alcohol Are we allowed to go to pub and bar to accompany our university friend to socialise so that we may have influenced on them ? 57:40 'Q' I would like to apply to work for the diplomatic service in the UK, but I fear that I may be required to not always give a truthful statement in this career? 'Q' I have been advised by a lot of people to avoid certain careers because of racism, such as a Barrister etc. What do you think? 'Q' I have a very close Tamil friend and I would like the benefit of Huzoor's views with regards the troubles in Sri Lanka between the government and the Tamil people? 'Q' In Islam is it permissible for a lady to use the sperm of her dead husband in order to conceive his child! 'Q' I have heard that Hadhrat Suleiman was able to talk to animals, why was he given this ability? 'Q' In my university there is a room set aside for anyone to use for prayer. On several occasions I have already started my prayer when a non-Ahmadi has stood beside me and joined in, treating me as the Imam. Are his prayers still accepted and at the end of the prayer should I have told him that I am an Ahmadi? 'Q' If there is an Ahmadi student (boy or girl) at university who is acting in an inappropriate manner, how should we admonish them? 'Q' I am unable to understand about 'Iblis' and his ingratitude to Allah, when he knew that eventually he would have to return to Allah? 'Q' What type of people should we target for Tabligh? 'Q' In Islam, are we allowed to listen to music, if so what type? 'Q' At university most students go to the local pub in the evenings. As a Muslim am I permitted to also go there if I don't drink alcohol, but just to socialize with my friends?

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