Qur'anic Archeology - 5

MTA International Pakistan Studio

Part 5 of an Urdu discussion with Fuzail Ayaz Ahmad, Muzaffar Ahmad Chaudhary and Abdur-Rehman, on Islamic culture and archaeology. Presentation of MTA studios Pakistan. If we are to take the Qur'anic and Biblical records seriously, we will need to inquire further as to whether there are other sources which we can turn to for a corroboration of their accounts. Since we are dealing with scriptures which often speak of history, probably the best and easiest way to confirm that history is to go to the areas where the history took place because history never takes place in a vacuum. It always leaves behind its forgotten fingerprints, waiting dormant in the ground to be discovered, dug up and deciphered. It is therefore, important that we also get our digets dirty and take a look at the treasures which our archaeologist friends are discovering, to ascertain if they have been able to reward us with any clues as to the authenticity of both the Qur'anic and Biblical accounts. Let's see what archaeology tells us concerning the Qur'an. This video is from Archive and has 4:3 video resolution.

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